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 Make your own course List!!! :D

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PostSubject: Make your own course List!!! :D   Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:54 pm

If you are really bored, you can make your course list from your favorite course to your least favorite. It took a lot of thinking for me. heres my list:

1. Grumble Volcano First
2. Dry Dry Ruins Second
3. DK Summit Third
4. Delfino Square Peace
5. Bowser Castle 3
6. N64 Bowser's Castle
7. Peach gardens
8. Toad's Factory
9. Mushroom Gorge
10. DK Mountain
11. Bowser Castle wii
12. Mario Circuit 3
13. Mario Raceway
14. Yoshi Falls
15. Mario Circuit GCN
16. Koopa Cape
17. Coconut Mall
18. DK's Jungle Parkway
19. Waluigi Stadium
20. Daisy Circuit
21. Moo Moo Meadows
22. Maple Treeway
23. Rainbow Road
24. Peach Beach
25. Ghost valley 2
26. mario Circuit wii
27. Moonview Highway
28. Wario's Goldmine
29. Sherbert Land
30. Desert Hills
31. Luigi Circuit
32. Shy Guy Beach
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Make your own course List!!! :D
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